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Voice Over IP (aka VOIP) is a great way to run phone systems.  There are some security needs to be aware of in using these sytems - VOIP Phone system hacking concerns hit the front page of the NY Times.  

To ensure your company is protected, SureTech recommends several key things to keep in mind:

- Change the password for your VOIP account regularly

- Be aware of who has access to this password and how they are storing it

- Know how your VOIP data plan is set up and what alerts you will receive if you exceed your regular minutes. 

- Set the credit card you use to cover your VOIP plan with a maximum charge allowance in any single month.

- SureTech can help make sure that customers using our recommended VOIP sytems are protected.

If we can be of assistance on this or any other HelpDesk request, contact us at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript  or 800-882-8701.
Your SureTech Solutions Team

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