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SureDesk™ 5.0 release June 14, 2016


New Features and Fixes

  • Dramatically improved performance and Stability

  • Support of Cached Mode in outlook for improved responsiveness in outlook

  • The latest upgrades to Citrix HDX for improved video playback and performance

  • The default printer is set by Citrix protocol to select the default printer from the local device from which you launched your SureDesk. If your company also has SNS Manged Network Printers, you can toggle to select the network printer you want to choose.

  • Continued enhancements to our Open Compute unlimited performance architecture

  • Application Updates

    o    FireFox

    o    LastPass

    o    EverNote

    o    IE 11

    o    Acrobat Reader

    o    Silverlight

    o    Flash Player

    o    Microsoft Office 2016

  • Across the board upgrades to Server 2012 R2

Scheduled Fixes

  •  Adobe Flash may present an Update Dialog that will not work – scheduled fix for August 5

  •  True SureApp streaming 

  • Upgraded Adobe Acrobat DC (requires Adobe Creative Cloud licensing) 

  • Single Sign On - scheduled for September 2016

    o    SureDesk

    o    Office365

    o    SNS

Standard SureDesk™ Requirements

  • 500kbs download and 300kbs upload dedicated to SureDesk™ with no greater than 95ms ping lag to Amazon’s  Availability Zone US-East

  •  Recommended rule of thumb for average needs is 1MB up/down per user per office


Known Issues and Requested Features

  • Outlook Search sometimes generates an incorrect "Search Isn't Optimized" error related to "Windows Search Service"  Search should work just fine in Outlook and in File Explorer despite the incorrect warning.

  • QuickBooks 2016 Bank Feeds throw an error message after each transaction.  This message can be dismissed and proceed to next transaction.  We are working with QuickBooks engineers to resolve the connection issue.  

  • QuickBooks 2016 Batch Transactions receive error message.  We are working with QuickBooks engineers to resolve the connection issue.  

  • When you launch QuickBooks the UserName field may show an unrecognized name. This is not related all all to file access. It's simply that Quickbooks application recalls the last user name that launched the application from the whole network.  

  • Adobe Acrobat XI is now no longer supported and may have unexpected behaviors.  Adobe Acrobat DC is the latest Adobe and now supported.  

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