Pro-actively administer, monitor and manage your computer assets and network using IT Reach.  Ensure the lowest Total Cost of Ownership for networked equipment.

  • Allows to monitor detailed hardware and software configurations for all of the PCs or servers running SureNetwork™ Monitoring including:
  1. Quickly spot potential issues with a digest view of critical computer data, such as CPU and memory load, disk space, registry keys and DLLs in use. Set alerts or schedule tasks based on thresholds you define for multiple groups of computers
  2. View and optimize the settings of remote computers including environment variables, virtual memory, time settings and shared resources.
  3. Ensure stringent corporate security with a layered security system that includes 128- to 256-bit SSL encryption, individual user access permissions, Windows authentication, support for RSA SecurID and detailed logging
  • Allows authorized users to take control of the keyboard and mouse of remote machines through a web browser for an experience almost just as if they were physically at the remote computer.
  • Transfer files between local and remotely accessed computers. All transfers are encrypted so data are secure.
  • Allows to have secure and logged unattended access to approved machines
  1. includes notification display when a computer is remote controlled
  2. allows to remote control and rescue data on computers even when they appear frozen or locked up
  3. includes secure auditable access logs of all remote control sessions including operator, time of access and actions taken