Setting up Microsoft Entourage 2008 for use with SureMail
Entourage 2008 provides a number of cosmetic and functional upgrades to Entourage 2004, but in terms of setting it up to connect with your SureMail Exchange mailboxes, there is very little difference. These instructions show you how to set up Entourage 2008 to connect to your SureMail mailbox.  With Entourage 2008 linked to SureMail, you’ll have access to your SureMail e-mail and your organization’s Global Address List. In addition, your Entourage Address Book will be synchronized with your SureMail Contacts, and your Entourage Calendar will be synchronized with your TSureMail Calendar.  
Setting up Entourage 2008
1.    Start Entourage 2008.  If you are opening it for the first time, you’ll be presented with the “Setup Wizard”.  Choose "Start Entourage Without Importing Anything", and click the right arrow.
2.    On the next screen, enter your email address and click the checkbox labeled “My Account is on an Exchange server”.  Then click the right arrow:
Picture 2.png
You will see a screen stating that your account cannot be set up automatically:
Click the right arrow to proceed.
3.    On the next screen, start by entering your “Display Name” and your email address:
Then, for "Exchange Server", enter the following:<your email address>
So for instance, if your email address were " This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript ", you would specify your exchange server as: This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript .
For the LDAP server, just enter  (Note that the "Use SSL..." checkbox will automatically enable.)  Click the right arrow when you're finished.
4.   On the next screen, click the "Verify My Settings" button:
Picture 5.png
5.   Note that you may see the following warning:
      This is actually ok, because it’s referring to the LDAP server.   
If there are no “autodiscover” issues (or if you’re on Exchange 2003), you will be prompted for a domain name, a username, and a password:
      The "Domain" should always be specified as ENOMIA, and for your "Account ID", enter your NT4 username (this is the "short" version of your username - the one without the "@" symbol).  If you don't know your NT4 username, please contact  Then enter your password and click "OK".
8.   If all of your information has been entered correctly, the account verification window will say "Account Verified", you'll be taken to your main Entourage screen, and your SureMail mailbox information will begin synchronizing.
9.   For the final step, ensure that the Public Folder link is set up correctly by choosing Tools - Accounts, double-clicking your Exchange account, and clicking the "Advanced" tab:
:Picture 10.png
      The "Public folders server:" field should read and the SSL checkbox should be checked.  If your "Edit Account - Advanced" window does not look like the window pictured above, enter the correct information and click "OK".
(end of procedure)