Don't worry when you are not recognized, but strive to be worthy of recognition.
      -Abraham Lincoln
What a bright guy, that honest Abe...  Sadly, sometimes here at we get the most recognition when a system has trouble.  Especially business critical system, like email.  So, when we do get mass recognition because of a technical failure, we prove our worthiness by identifying the problem, fixing  the issue and implementing improvements to ensure the issue does not happen again.  All of the previous is done as fast as humanly possible no matter what time of day or night. 
However, no matter how redundant a system is, there is always a chance for "glitches".   Be assured, we literally monitor our systems 24/7 and are constantly adjusting, patching, upgrading and improving our systems with the best technology by some of the brightest implementation teams available.
Please read on for the play by play of yesterday's outage:
At approximately 8:58 AM EST on 12/28/09, we experienced an issue in the Storage Area Network (SAN) supporting mailboxes hosted on the MAIL34 server.  This issue removed client access to the mailboxes at this time. We troubleshooted the issue and were able to bring the SAN and server back online at 9:47 AM EST, with all mailboxes accessible by 9:57 AM EST. 
We have implemented additional monitoring of the SAN in order to be quickly informed of this specific condition, so that if this issue occurs again, the downtime associated will be much shorter. We are also researching this issue further in an attempt to reduce or eliminate the possibility of it occurring again.
Please let us know if we may provide additional assistance with this.
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