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SureBack™ FAQs and Default Retention Policy

Backup Highlights:

  • Data is backed up, once as a full seed copy, then incrementally, everyday (M-F)
  • All changes are kept for a default of 7 days
  • Backup sets are fully encrypted with user chosen pass-phrase
  • Backup sets can be restored via web portal or external hard copy with client software on location (encryption phase phrases cannot be recovered, data cannot be restored without pass-phrase)
  • All Off-site Backup sets redundant and mirrored in our datacenter for security and fail-over.
  • Daily backup reports are sent to and if chosen the client to alert of the status of a backup set.

Q: Where is my data stored?
A: Louisiana

Q: How many days back does data go?   
A: Default 7 Days.
Q: How accessible are individual files in the offsite Data Center? -

A: If the data you need falls within the 7 day retention period, a recall of that data can be completed immediately via your web portal with your assigned credentials Standard backup procedure

  • Full Seed Backup – Initial seed of all data on our backup servers.  Gathering of the seed can be done over the Internet, or via an external USB drive.  Method depends on seed size and Internet upload connection speed.
    • Internet Seed Collection:  Recommend for customers that have an ISP with a min 2mb upload speed and less than 750 GB data. Average transfer is up to 30gb Daily
    • Local Seed Collection: Recommended for customers that have less than 2Mbs upload speed or more than 750GB of data.

Incremental Daily Backups – Conducted nightly (Monday-Friday).  Any changes to files are retained for 7 days.

The following chart shows the frequency and retention period for each of the backups taken.


Backup Period

Quantity Retained


Full Seed Backup


Life of the subscription
Daily Incremental


Changes to data kept default 7 days




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