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The Knowledgebase (KB) documents securely every piece of equipment, software, user set up, network set up, admin password and more for our clients infrastructure.  

It also documents an even more important health index of each system component and its expected appropriateness and cost for supporting your workflow day in and day out.  

Anytime your business has a user change, software change, office layout change or equipment change we update our KB to ensure we can serve you efficiently and effectively.

The KB is our key tool towards being proactive whenever possible for your IT rather than being reactive.  It allows us to ensure computer patches are being done in a timely manner, helps troubleshoot client needs, enables us to restore equipment quickly and efficiently if necessary and look ahead to system upgrade needs and address them before they become and emergency and cause unnecessary downtime.

The KB helps ensure we can offer not just Solutions Support but CTO Support for your Workflow.


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