SureFiles™ - Active Directory File Server Service

State of the art server to securely manage all your files and manage your network too


  • Benefit from the full power of our state of the art Windows Server 2013 functionality, features and security
  • Utilize our brand new servers and always have continual hardware updates, upgrades repairs
  • Benefit from included hardware upgrades at least every 2-3 years
  • Benefit from our fully managed data center with redundant equipment, network, storage and backup systems
  • Benefit from continual updates, patches, maintenance and performance improvements managed by our dedicated technical team
  • Benefit from our expert consulting team to help organize and optimize files for your workflow and collaboration policies



  • 99.7% uptime history (historical unscheduled downtime for our infrastructure services is less than 36 hours total over the last two years)
  • Our dedicated team commitment to strive for ever increasing uptime history and continual reliability improvements.
  • Our dedicated team to committed to full transparency, efficiency and customer service. Read about our successes, challenges and occasional failures (we call them learning experiences) at
  • Combined with SureHelp 24x7 Level 1 helpdesk guarantees on demand San Diego, California based technicians are always on hand to coach, handhold or troubleshoot your PC connection, installation or configuration



  • Data is stored in our fortified data center in a former Bell South building with literally 5 foot thick walls
  • Datacenter is protected 24x7 by security staff and always on video surveillance cameras recording all visitor movements from the minute they enter the parking lot throughout all activities within the secure data floors. Security officer authorization or an access card is required to enter the parking lot or loading dock. Access is controlled a second time at the entrance door and a third time as the individual data floors are entered.
  • Physical servers are always locked with access restricted to fully bonded full time senior administrator access
  • State of the art controlled, logged and auditable access Logs
  • State of the art encryption and VPN connections guarantee only you and your authorized staff have access
  • With SureBack™ benefit from both continues disaster ready backups and on demand roll-back of any document to previously saved versions.
  • Benefit from our data integrity audits to find, remove and repair viruses and other file corruptions
  • Additional data center details below


  • Increase or decrease your resource utilization and monthly cost at any time with no capital investment or waste. We always maintain at least 300% of our total customer capacity available for increased utilization at any time.
  • Benefit from no fixed infrastructure commitments. If you need fewer resources, we'll simply lower your monthly cost.
  • Benefit from no long term contracts or other commitments beyond your current needs.


COST SAVINGS - gain all the benefits of our state of the art infrastructure and dedicated full time technical team while:

  • Saving 40% or more over managing your own entry to mid level server infrastructure
  • Never paying for hardware or software updates or system troubleshooting!
  • Never paying for additional customer support or coaching with SureHelp(tm)
  • Benefiting from a critical lowest Total Economic Impact cost structure (see Forrester Research whitepaper including real cost benefits from reclaiming lost income from lost productivity due to downtime, system problems and outdated technology inefficiencies)

Plans as little as $25 per month supporting average storage needs for 5 users. Additional storage or users for as little as 50 cents a day.

  • Additional data center details:
    • POWER via three underground feeds coming from two independent sub-stations to eliminate a single point of failure. Power circuits in the building can be fed from two incoming service feeds. This highly reliable, high voltage power service is then broken down to mid level voltage through redundant power transformers. All power circuits are conditioned via a master Uninterruptible Power Systems or UPS that supports all critical areas of the building providing power in the event of a momentary power surge or extended outage. Should an outage last for more than a few minutes enormous generators picks up their share of the electrical load for seamless delivery of power to the affected area of the building. All generators are factory inspected and maintained as well as run tested weekly under full load. We are fully aware that our customers rely on us to provide full power at all times regardless of external conditions and we do our best to meet or exceed our customer’s expectations
    • Cooled and humidity controlled servers monitored on a 24/7 basis to control air temperature and humidity to predetermined precision levels.
    • Lowest fire risk rating possible based on very few flammable or heat sensitive materials in the datacenter. For added protection benefit from the Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus or VESDA system to notify 24-hour on-site personnel of even a potential fire event like a smoldering power supply long before becoming a substantial fire. Should a fire occur, all data center and disaster recovery areas are protected by double interlock dry-pipe prereaction fire suppression system.
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