So much for a perfect game!  We have had no outages since last August, but today we experienced an outage from 11:01:37 AM EST to 11:15:57 AM EST.  The cause of the outage was an issue with one of our application firewalls which failed and unexpectedly resulted in the outage to our hosted Exchange 2010 service.  We are working to implement a configuration update to prevent this failure mode from causing any issues with service in the futre.

We have found that most of our service outages are caused by unexpected behavior in our business continuity systems and architecture which we continually adapt and improve.

Please note that although we strive and hope for 100% uptime, with our current infrastructure we realistically expect, and continue to deliver 99.9+% uptime and this outage continues to support our expected level of service.  No mail was lost and users should have experienced at most a short delay in sending or recieving mail.

Should you have any questions about the above, please let us know at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript

 - Your Solutions Team

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