SureDesk Troubleshooting

If you are disconnected from your SureDesk™ you can experience issues getting back in if you are not careful.

The Citrix Web Panel will log you out automatically within 20 minutes or less for security. This does not affect your SureDesk™ session which should remain open for 60 minutes if left idle.

If you believe you have a SureDesk™ session already running when you log into the Citrix Web Panel you should never click the SureDesk™ icon or any app icons. Many problems will result, including rendering your SureDesk™ inaccessible.

What may happen:

  • You may receive an error message preventing you from launching the SureDesk™.
  • The SureDesk™ launches but no programs you had running prior to the disconnect are open.
  • If you believe you have multiple sessions open you can contact the HelpDesk for assistance at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript  or give us a call at 800-882-8701.


    1. The SureDesk™ session should open automatically when logging into the Citrix Web Panel if you are using Internet Explorer.
    2. If you do not use Internet Explorer or the SureDesk™ session did not launch automatically you can hover your mouse over the Log Off button in the upper right hand of the screen and select Reconnect.
    3. If the Reconnect button does not work you will need to click on the My SureDesk Workstation button. If you tried the above steps it is unlikely you will create multiple sessions.


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