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As amazing as software power and features have become, we are sometimes amazed in the wrong way.


We recently spent more than 20 hours troubleshooting OneNote on our SureDesk™ in an attempt to address crashes and notebook corruptions. We used several different repositories for the OneNote files including, SkyDrive free, SkyDrive business, our own SharePoint, and saving files locally; and this is what I have concluded;

  • OneNote is buggy and prone to corrupting notebooks that have images in them.
  • SkyDrive has terrible outbound throughout and is both miserably slow when loading OneNote and also causes OneNote.exe to crash. The only way I found to use SkyDrive reliably was to use OneNote online on SkyDrive.

In the end (hit the cymbals) we gave up and moved our notes to Evernote for anywhere access capability and no crashes.

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