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Organizing a Club

Leadership and Governance

The key to sustaining your group is ensuring more than one person has ownership of the group.

Extending ownership involves reaching out to other collaborators and also documenting policies for the organization and management of the group. 

The combination of Leadership (time and effort expeded by individuals) and Governance (documents and policies to guide Leadership efforts) is the essential life force of an organization.  If assembled correctly this combination will give your organization a life of its own.


Organizing a Social

Putting together a Host Committee

If you want a lot of people to come it helps to have lots of people inviting people to  your event. 

There are two key elements to this:

  • get a diverse group to act as hosts
  • make sure everyone hosting has ownership over the event

Getting a Diverse Host Committee

It is ideal to collect hosts that are spread among the demographics of your constituency.  If you share Hosting duties with only your best friends, then you are less likely to reach into areas of your constituency where you may not already have as strong relationships.

You may also want to consider

  • defining a mission for your event
  • the diversity of your host committee (age, vocation, socioeconomic)


Reaching Out

Reaching out to collaborators almost always takes personal contanct and rapor.   There is no substitute for seeking people out in person and engaging them in the mission of your organization.  This process of engagement takes patience.   Not only do

If you are like most leaders of an organization, this process will lead you to several potential collaborators that do not know each other.  The next step once you have