Hosted, maintained and managed SugarCRM Community Edition.

Rely on for:


  • 99.9% uptime history (unscheduled downtime has been less than 6 total hours over the last two years).
  • Preventative maintenance, repair and upgrades of both hardware and software
  • Expert installation and custom configuration available any time and billed by the quarter hour
  • Ongoing SugarCRM updates installed at no additional charge (as managed by the development team)
  • Benefit from hardware equipment and infrastructure upgrades every 2-3 years
  • Benefit from a dedicated, full-time technical team at no additional cost
  • Get the lowest total real cost for IT with up to date efficiency, full time support and no capital investment or waste and save 40% or more over managing your own infrastructure.
  • With SureHelp™ Level 1 Helpdesk benefit from on-demand California-based technicians for coaching or assisting with usage issues like access permissions for all your users.
    ********If available for Sugar CRM *******************


  • Benefit from SSL encrypted connection to protect access for authorized users
  • Industry standard datacenter based defenses against hackers or intruders
  • 24x7 actively maintained and secured datacenter
  • With SureBack™ have peace of mind that there is always an offsite backup version of your data if anything should happen to the datacenter or to your current data


  • Increase or decrease utilization of resources with more or fewer users at any time
  • No long term contracts
  • Benefit from our expert consulting team billed by the quarter hour at any time to help organize or streamline your implementation and workflow policies with SugarCRM.


  • Less than $1 per day per user
  • Never pay for hardware repairs, maintenance or troubleshooting


Our dedicated team is committed to full transparency, customer service, and continual improvements. Read about our successes, challenges and occasional failures (we call them learning experiences) at