Please check the following settings in your site profile and make any updates necessary:

on the MacFUSE options tab

1) Set the MacFUSE timeout to be 300 seconds. This is the amount of Time that Finder will wait for a response from WebDrive (and thus the remote IIS server) before dismounting the drive in error

2) turn off 'Mount as Local Device'.

3) turn ON 'Allow Others'

4) under Other Options, add the word noappledouble

Ont he Internet tab

1) Set the # of Retries to 1

2) Set the Timeout to 10 seconds (this is the amount of time that WebDrive will 'hang' after it receives a 204 response from the server). If you make it too short, you may get errors so 10-15 seconds is about the shortest I would recommend

On the Cache tab

1) Folder Cache -> 600 seconds

2) File Cache -> 600 Seconds

3) 'Not Found' Cache -> 60 Seconds

4) For testing, I had both the Purge options enabled, but you can probably Disable both of them. Note that if they are enabled, mounting/unmounting could be a little slower due to the purging.

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