Dear SureDesk™ Users,

From October 5th through October 6th we had a confluence of unrelated issues causing downtime for some users on our SureDesk environment.

We had a File Server Corruption which caused File Access issues for some users. In addition, several of our streaming Apps including LaCerte, QuickBooks and PeachTree experienced user delays. Finally, the Citrix Single Sign On plugin was not consistent and sometimes required users to re-enter their SureDesk login upon launching their SureDesk™ in order to get all streaming apps.

We addressed many of these issues this weekend by doing maintenance on the File Server, adding a redundant QuickBooks server for better performance and failover, reinstalling PeachTree and LaCerte, and testing the Single Sign On plugin for work arounds to this known bug in the latest Citrix release.

We continue to make regular updates and improvements to our infrastructure. This past week did not meet our expected SureDesk uptime and it is our commitment to our customers to continue to improve our systems to meet our 99.9% effectiveness and reliability.

If you have any questions, please email This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript or call 1-800-882-8701 x1.

Thank You,

- Your SureTech™ Solutions Team

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