Have you ever saved a file by mistake?

We have a great solution for you!  A new feature of SureFiles™ is version control for all documents. 

If you saved a file by accident and want to go back to an earlier version, simply click on "view previous versions" and you can recover the previous version of the file.  You can see "view previous versions"  under the File and Folder Tasks heading when you are in a drive window. 

If you accidentially deleted a file, you can click "view previous versions" of the folder that file was in, click on the previous version of that folder the file was in and find the file you accidentially deleted and resave it to the folder. 

We are continually working to bring improvements like this to our SureOffice™ system.

If you have any questions about viewing previous versions, please shoot us an email at  This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript for further assistance. 

- The Solutions Team

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