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What does it mean if you see the below message?

A network interruption at your location, at our datacenter, or even somewhere in-between will cause the connection to your SureDesk™ to 'hiccup' or 'stall'. If the interruption is longer than a few instants, you may find your SureDesk™ becomes unresponsive and you may see the above message.

What you should do:

  1. Relax for a minute – except for local network issues, internet or datacenter interruptions are rare (a dozen times a year perhaps) and most often resolve themselves quickly (within seconds usually or 5-10 minutes at the most).
  2. Do nothing during the interruption – the more you click during the interruption the more the SureDesk™ needs to do before it becomes functional again. Try to reduce the queue of commands when there seems to be an interruption.
If the web portal does not load, check to see if you lost your internet connection. If the internet is still connected the issue is most likely a datacenter interruption.

What if you are disconnected?

  1. Give the servers 2 - 3 minutes to refresh before logging in to the web portal (
  2. If you use Internet Explorer the SureDesk™ should relaunch automatically. If not you can hover your mouse over the Log Off button in the upper right hand of the screen and select Reconnect. If the Reconnect button does not work you will need to click on the My SureDesk Workstation button.

If you have any issues please contact as at This email address is hidden from email harvesters via JavaScript  or give us a call at 800-882-8701.