SureDesk™ User Guide


SureDesk™ Citrix Help
Installing Citrix - Web Panel - Trusted Site - Compatibility Mode - Disconnecting - Citrix Bar

Citrix Bar

On your SureDesk™, there is a black bar found on the top of the screen. Clicking on the bar reveals a menu screen with several options.


Home minimizes your SureDesk™ and brings you back to your local desktop.

My SureDesk Workstation

This is your current SureDesk. If you are running more than one SureDesk™ you will be able to switch between them using these buttons.


This performs the action that would occur if you pressed the keys Ctrl+Alt+Delete on a regular computer. You can log off the SureDesk™, lock the SureDesk™ requiring a password to access it again or change your password.


Preferences include several options to choose from.


Under display you can adjust the size the SureDesk™ appears.

  • Best resolution - This automatically adjusts the screen to a comfortable resolution.
  • Scale to fit - This scales the SureDesk™ to fit within the screen it is viewed on.
  • Actual size - This does not adjust the scale of your SureDesk™ and will appear its actual size no matter the screen.

File Access

File Access allows you to set how the SureDesk access folders on the local computer.

  • Read and write allows for full access to your local machine
  • Read only allows you to only view folders on your local machine
  • No access prevents any access at all.
  • Ask me each time allows you to have Citrix ask you what kind of access you would like every time you log in.


These settings allow you to change how well Flash works on your SureDesk™. You can either select from high security and worse performance or reduced security and better performance.

Mic & Webcam

These options allow you to use the Microphone or webcam attached to your local computer.


This puts your SureDesk™ in windowed mode.


This disconnects the SureDesk™ without shutting it down. This leaves your SureDesk™ open and running on our servers.